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Something About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a vibrant, fun destination, but leave behind your preconceived ideas; our roads are like a new safari every day, no rules, no idea and very little bitumen.


The maximum driving speed is 80km per hour, but around town the speed limit is 50 kms, this may be low kms but Â…when trying to avoid pot holes , children, women with fresh produce balancing precariously on their heads and the occasional village dog , you will be happy you have rented a suitable and safe vehicle.  

Driving is on the right hand side but DO NOT be concerned about this, we have signs to assist inside the vehicle and the main rule is remember, driver in the middle.

Once you have navigated your way through the colorful city centre and are out on the roads, it becomes ever so laid-back.                            



The trip around the island is 136kms but there is so much to do that it really cannot be appreciated in only one day.

This is not a country of speed, nor a country of rules nor a country of signs, often a trip to a destination will take a while longer than anticipated if only because you stumbled over a great happening or view.

            There are fine white sandy beaches to swim and laze about, crystal clear and healing water holes to bathe and explore in, natural hot springs to relax and pamper in.

Not even mentioning the many fine food outlets and sunset spotting martini bars.

The culture of the country is not to be found in the city but in the rural areas, where if you stop your car alongside a village and wait a very short time someone will come and say hello, from here you simply ask permission to pass thru the village and all locals will insist on giving you a guided tour of their lives. This experience is invaluable and cannot be found in any handbook.

No matter what level of accommodation you have selected on the island it is without doubt a self drive destination. Restaurants, beaches, snorkeling, diving, shopping and sightseeing are easily navigated in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle. And all of these opportunities are spread all over the island so are not accessible without a vehicle. Sorry no subways, no regular bus service, no tube and no trains.

So easy book your car today and with all of above be sure to book a four wheel drive, its safer, more comfortable and you can go anywhere on a whim. Happy Holidaze.

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